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Christina Amanpour on Colbert Report (and comments on Colbert Report of last week)

Stephen Colbert didn't have his best interview day with Amanpour. It's ok he gave us a great moto in the beginning of his show.

"Tonight Amanpour is here, and we'll talk about International Stuff. And because she's a woman, I'll pretend that I care"

Now, Amanpour was better than I expected. Laughed (as most do) about Colbert taking power & energy from the audience just before the interview, and continued to say (after Colbert said "tell me about IRAN (Ai Ran):

"Did you really?" [run]
Colbert went to say "I'm sorry?"

She replied: "Did you run? I believe you want to say Iran (eran), and Iraq (eraq) as well"
Colbert:Sorry I still don't get it etc..

Colbert also reminded us about the days since the american hostages crisis in Iran (that according to Stephen never ended) etc. Great show, not so good an interview though.

The best interview was with the guy saing good stuff about Video games. He got nailed by being shot in a First Person Shooter.

Also Stephen, Word Cup is 4 weeks, not 3 as you said. Of course it's okay, because as you explained noone in US should watch it because "it's the only sport that the women's team is better than men's team" (speaking about USA of course). hehehe ;^

Great stuff about your jew friend (Jon) and all that 8 min stuff about seeking your new friend. I even paused to read the full emails you apparently got, they were funny :^

“Is our children learning?”

Last week on Daily Show, Robin Williams appeared with a T-shirt of "the decider". He also said that Bush at one time wondered: "Is our children learning?" and continued: "whatever you take, give also to us" (or sth like it). I found this goof on this video

Another one I propose is this one to all those people who sometimes compare USA with other countries they just hate. Because face it, USA is also a country for admiration.

Of course the best of the best is Stephen Colbert speech in front of Bush about Bushism (which I recommended on my old blog too) because it contains the best short phrases of a political analysis ever done such as (and I say them by heart):

"Reality has a well known liberal bias" and "I have news for you. Press is killing America" (to name a few..)

I dedicate this post to Travis