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Google Dart and PhoneGap

The past few weeks I’ve written some Dart then compiled it to javascript and used the phonegap framework.
Dart docs are typical Google style: ever changing and lacking especially when compared with the king of documentation Microsoft.
What is more phonegap no matter the recent efforts is shouting to me “I am an ugly hack please don’t take me seriously” ™ and once again the documentation does not help as it is sparse.
So thank you very much I will stick to native Windows phone and Android development and yes I know kitkat webview is chromium based. Yes performance is a main issue but is the app working as expected in the first place? With phonegap for me it’s no sir. Huge development time wasted avoid at all cost (well,  most of the time 😉

SVN rocks, enough with the distributed buzz word (oh yeah and Linus will make you convert back to cvs [but please don’t!])

If you’re Mozilla or Apache ok you want Distributed VCS. Else you don’t need it. Really!

Unless Linus can convice you you need GIT. But if you’re like me, after the presentation (if you succeed into not falling asleep because of his so bad jokes) it’s more likely you will start hating DSCM tools which also not the best thing to do. You can just hate GIT and shout that Linus is B O R I N G and last time he checked what humor’s definition is was never.