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Turkey vs the common sense

One of the greatest laughs is Turkey's stance on Armenian Genocide. Turkey "I want all, I give nothing" stance is VERY distrubing to EU. At last it's time for EU to show it has some guts and that it's not a christian club as Turkish PM likes to say, but a CLUB with a CLUB. (think it).

Because USA didn't have the guts. Thanks NYT for not mentioning it. I guess it's your "duty".

I'm very happy Greek-turkish are the last 2 years static, because we cannot give you anything more. it's about fucking time you start waking up. Armenians, Cyprus, Casus Beli for the 12 nautical miles, freedom of religions in Turkey, …

it's either now or never. and if never, go fuck yourself. Really! Because it seems that asking USA again for help on your EU membership is too much to ask (even from your best friends)

BBC World on FOSS

Microsoft has dominated the world of computing for many years, with its heavily guarded 'code' being beyond reach to many in the developing nations. The poorest countries are now beginning to use free or open source software (FOSS), which parallels many of Microsoft's programmes but is distributed free of charge. In the first of a two-part documentary, Code Breakers includes stories and interviews from around the world where FOSS is making an impact.

(Duration: 30 minutes)

Wednesday 10th May at 2230
Repeated: Thursday 11th May at 1230; Friday 12th May at 2230, Monday 15th May at 0430 & 1030 (all times GMT+2)