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Good joke with Laden and China

Osama Bin Laden recently said China is the only country where terrorists don’t dare to go. Al Qaeda once dispatched five terrorists to attack China. They were told to bomb five different places.

The first, who was to bomb an overpass, got lost on the labyrinthine bridges;

The second, who was to bomb a bus, couldn’t even get aboard because the bus was too crowded;

The third, who was to bomb a supermarket, got his remote control stolen;

The fourth, who was to bomb a building, was stopped and badly beaten by the security guards, who took him for a migrant worker asking for overdue wages, and yelled at him “don’t come for your salary, and don’t you dare to appeal!”

The fifth, who was to bomb a coal mine, eventually made it, leaving more than 100 miners dead. But half a year later, he was executed by al Qaeda for “cheating,” since the incident was never reported in China.

Colbert Report this week shows were the best!

I really enjoyed Colbert Report episodes this week.
He's to me the american and the USA that I used to dream to visit when I was 15.

The best part was when we made fun of the fact that FOX brought up that Iranian President and Democrats have the same talking points. Episode on 15 of May. In general that was the best episode this week and perhaps this month. Just to hear an american saying that noe's ark is C R A P was a relief.

But then again, "if god speaks to Bush, shouldn't Bush listen to God?" from the great Stephen Colbert.

“Is our children learning?”

Last week on Daily Show, Robin Williams appeared with a T-shirt of "the decider". He also said that Bush at one time wondered: "Is our children learning?" and continued: "whatever you take, give also to us" (or sth like it). I found this goof on this video

Another one I propose is this one to all those people who sometimes compare USA with other countries they just hate. Because face it, USA is also a country for admiration.

Of course the best of the best is Stephen Colbert speech in front of Bush about Bushism (which I recommended on my old blog too) because it contains the best short phrases of a political analysis ever done such as (and I say them by heart):

"Reality has a well known liberal bias" and "I have news for you. Press is killing America" (to name a few..)

I dedicate this post to Travis