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Downloaded documentary and my greek website

What a great movie, oh those memories when me and a schoolmate of mine were using a T1 and Napster before anyone else knew about it in Greece and uploading to our own pirated mp3 site which was #2 for a while and #1 for a week.

We used to receive email asking us for whatever mp3; the minute we added porn ads (the only ads at the time to make revenue) we received an email from AEPPY (greek copyright legulator) blackmailing us to quit our site.

I’ve discusses with my schoolmate, we were 15 years old and we decided to quit the site, and switch to photoshop 4 tutorials, which we did and wasn’t that popular and didn’t catch up.

We were popular and we liked it!

ps. inside joke: Fuck Metallica, long live mp3 bang 64kpbs etc!

Vacation: Paris, Chartres, Bucharest, Brasov

2 weeks ago I was five days in Paris. Had the best time since a long time. Paris was by far the best capital I’ve ever visited and we lucky enough to have great weather. Yann was great and we drove with him to Chartres to see the cathedral and an interesting exhibition about 1880-1960 ads for farmers.

In Bucharest I’ve met some nice people, but the capital is by far one of the worst places to be when you’re in Romania. Brasov and whole trip to Transylvania was amazing. The mountains are great, and the snow is allover.

Best flight experience was CDG -> BBU (with an Airbus of MyAir). We landed and everywhere was snow. Flight was great, one flight attendant (first time I see a male) was a good italian and we talked about Greece and Italy 1940 history after the introduction he did about Panagoulis and Eleftheria 😉

Great great great time I had also thanks to my girlfriend.
Worst time, waiting at OTP to fly to Athens. All were greek “biz” people and from what I saw in like ten years Greece will have lost the advantage it has in Balkans. Or maybe I saw a small sample.

Most crazy experience in Bucharest: Allover Alpha Bank,Piraeus Bank and Bancpost (bought by Eurobank) were fighting. I felt I was in Athens. Also other greek banks include: Emporiki (not so many places), but yeah I could find even Marfin Egnatia Bank 😛
Most crazy experience in Brasov: In the main square of this beautiful city was Piraeus Bank.

Most crazy experience in Paris: Yann prepared melted cheese on salam and other stuff and you eat that with potatoes. I ate all his potatoes 😉

Chartres reminded me of Leivadia a bit without the latter having such an interesting church. I was blessed I didn’t understand French since:

a. French were great people (I’ll never forget the guy that draw us a map on Versailles on how to get to the train station)
b. I didn’t understand most of what they were saying in public places so I felt good about it. In Athens I can’t stand to the fucking idiotic conversations people tend to have in trains/trolley buses/buses etc..
c. I finally was in a place that you feel you are really somewhere else (in a good way)

Long live EU, the euro and the general european continent and sentiment