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Linux Mint [Best Distro ever]

OMG, I’m dreaming. Maybe Ballmer funds these guys? I don’t get it. They seem to have done the best job they could out of the gnome and floss community in general in terms of having an OS that will serve you (and not the opposite). Even Ubuntu couldn’t do this. Yet I was windows codecs, flash and all that out of the box. I’m used to being served. I like that. Thanks Linux Mint YOU ROCK.

For those that want to go the other way, try ArchLinux

Comparing and merging files with Meld

When you’re editing text, you may find yourself with two or three similar versions of a file. Often you are not sure which file has what content, what was deleted in one, what was added in another, and where exactly. You know what content your file should contain, but you are not sure which version to start from. It’s one of those moments you wish your computer were smart enough to understand your problem and fix it for you. Well, that’s not going to happen, but there is an open source application that you can run to help. Meet Meld, a visual diff and merge tool.