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CNN International’s Global Office features episode about Open Source

Thursday (GMT except ET)
Asia: 1330 Europe: 2130
Latin Am: 2130 North Am: 830, 1630 ET
Europe: 1930 Latin Am: 1930
Asia: 1130 North Am: 630, 1430 ET
Asia: 1530 North Am: 1430 ET
Europe: 1930 Latin Am: 1930

Linus (the usual suspect) does a face to face interview with the hostess.

UPDATE: Transcript of the interview.


Gaupol Subtitle Editor

Gaupol is a PyGTK application that assists (as in real assistance) you to write, fix, and generally hack subtitles. It does on the fly preview with VLC and Mplayer even before you apply your shifting times changes and all that that amaze me like very few FLOSS apps do.

The fact that it's in PyGTK means that the dev can rapidly progress his app (as he did). Moreover it makes it portable without even the need of changing a single programming line. The dev does not run Windows at all (he told me in his mails), but I was in Windows for a day so I had to run this app. So I got the tarball and because I already had Python, GTK and PyGTK installed I just renamed gaupol to so I could double click it and then I saw:

BBC World on FOSS

Microsoft has dominated the world of computing for many years, with its heavily guarded 'code' being beyond reach to many in the developing nations. The poorest countries are now beginning to use free or open source software (FOSS), which parallels many of Microsoft's programmes but is distributed free of charge. In the first of a two-part documentary, Code Breakers includes stories and interviews from around the world where FOSS is making an impact.

(Duration: 30 minutes)

Wednesday 10th May at 2230
Repeated: Thursday 11th May at 1230; Friday 12th May at 2230, Monday 15th May at 0430 & 1030 (all times GMT+2)