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Barnes & Noble’s PayPal way of paying is for US only!!

I was gonna buy a book from via PayPal. They ship international (and that’s good). BUT they don’t support Paypal non-US accounts.

They also HIDE this fact until I have to lose a lot of time to complete all the info and get this from PayPal that they redirect me.

I’m not satisfied as a customer by this at all by any means as again I’m seen as second class citizen (a non-US one). Long live EU

Mistakes in Paul Graham’s “Why Startups Condense in America” (as seen by a young european citizen, aka me)

I sent this to Paul Graham, just because I couldn't easily skip the fact that places in his latest essay were false and that they were false because of failure of understanding the concept. (because else, if just false or mistakes, I don't care I just skip):

What I sent goes like this (I improved/edit some minor bits after reading and reading, but the meaning is the same):

The long war of philosophies about jobs and employment between US and EU cannot be solved or even argued to a good extend in 2liners, but you fail to point out that (perhaps because 1990 in Italy EU was like the old EU (after all it even changed a name and became a political union some years later)) that:

a. EU has programs that act something like VC firms. (or even better). f you apply and you're lucky and persuasive and/or have an original idea, chances are you get funds from EU that you don't have to return at least AFAIK) and that helps a lot. Of course more VC Firms in EU are more than welcome.

b. Research means "want to learn more" after all THAT is the basic thing that keeps smart people hungry for new knowledge, and thus PhD argument you make is totally mistaken. (no need to say more)

c. Germany and France won't speak their native lang only in their homes or by future idiots like Leppen, simply because both countries (as well as most of the rest of countries in EU) have LONG HISTORY behind them. You fail to understand the importance of that in the "genes" of the human. 9/11 was a relief for some in EU because many here said "at last". You there were doing like Iraqis are doing now thanks to you (not personally you). You were under attack. Your "stupid" ideas about american dream, freedom or whatever. This proves that stuff that you share with rest of people from the same country make people act different. France for example didn't like that poor africans in Paris were burning the streets and swearing in FRENCH. Laden's followers in UK bombing, spoke fluent British! That shocked the british people more than anything and doesn't want more analyzing /me thinks.

d. EU is accepted in many countries, just because it guarantees that everyone gets to keep his identity. EU is alternative model to US. If it 'll succeed noone can say. I don't disagree that english is the current earthian (as it was french in europe some decades ago, as it greek two thousand years ago), but trying to saying EU will end up US (or that it should or else will fail) is a bit naive and it's the most common mistake (not really) that "i-like-america" think tanks/analysts that even are EU citizens often do.

I guess I should stop here, as it's getting big. You can imagine the rest. The only american modern capitalist that I've read and has got right what EU is about, is Jack Welch of GE fame. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and please hit F7 in the last article, and good luck and *have fun* with your VC Firm and rest of activities.

Turkey vs the common sense

One of the greatest laughs is Turkey's stance on Armenian Genocide. Turkey "I want all, I give nothing" stance is VERY distrubing to EU. At last it's time for EU to show it has some guts and that it's not a christian club as Turkish PM likes to say, but a CLUB with a CLUB. (think it).

Because USA didn't have the guts. Thanks NYT for not mentioning it. I guess it's your "duty".

I'm very happy Greek-turkish are the last 2 years static, because we cannot give you anything more. it's about fucking time you start waking up. Armenians, Cyprus, Casus Beli for the 12 nautical miles, freedom of religions in Turkey, …

it's either now or never. and if never, go fuck yourself. Really! Because it seems that asking USA again for help on your EU membership is too much to ask (even from your best friends)