Month: July 2016

Short review of logicomix 

I admire Christos Papadimitriou for his unconventional character and dressing and his thoughts. 

a decade ago I ve read one of his english  literature books and found a small logical error and emailed him to notify him and I told him that someone else must have told you already (equinox) 

He replied and told me no and thank you. 

So I just finished logicomix and it is great but I couldn’t help but notice the mad scientist cliché and someone after reading it may think oh good thing I was not so much into math or else I might have cracked my brain and go mad. 

 I mean most of the heroes are mentioned to have been mentally ill and nobody knows what that could mean in the beginning of 20th century so yeah apart from that and the robbery in omonoia near the hookers, yet another cliché,  what a great modern work 
Still waiting for the computer one though 

Thoughts on Turkey 

We’ll know what may have happened in a decade. 

Until then, they failed to control the information torrent not sure why though… It’s not that hard really, Internet is easily controlled