android development still a nightmare

more than scriptie kid, than a developer every time I’m forced to touch a simple line of code, I have to respect the god of Google, the new vision of Android Studio, the touch the gradle file not the manifest, the add compile line there hack, no no not that version 22, the other 23 which is more cryptic, yes but add that compat vesion FOO library.


oh those dark ages of the early 90s, they never left for android.


not to mention the debugger etc.. it’s like 1 min coding, 59mins magic/scriptiekid/debugging which even first run of the app/why doesn’t it run


FRUSTRATION; the opposite of Developers Developers of Ballmer fame



ps. google should hire stackoverflow contributors as documentators, official documentation is one month before 2016 C R A P, something like MSDN 1993 time