Downloaded documentary and my greek website

What a great movie, oh those memories when me and a schoolmate of mine were using a T1 and Napster before anyone else knew about it in Greece and uploading to our own pirated mp3 site which was #2 for a while and #1 for a week.

We used to receive email asking us for whatever mp3; the minute we added porn ads (the only ads at the time to make revenue) we received an email from AEPPY (greek copyright legulator) blackmailing us to quit our site.

I’ve discusses with my schoolmate, we were 15 years old and we decided to quit the site, and switch to photoshop 4 tutorials, which we did and wasn’t that popular and didn’t catch up.

We were popular and we liked it!

ps. inside joke: Fuck Metallica, long live mp3 bang 64kpbs etc!