Month: April 2011

gotta love the internet (globalization & sex)

currently watching via a spanish site a UK football match the video/audio is from greek nova (I’m greek) and in the chat below the video everyone is english but most of the talk is “SEX SEX SEX” and “has been banned”

it’s one of those few moments where I feel privileged (I can watch Greek TV without having a TV, and i’m the only one in the site that understands what’s going on with this weird language)

Reminds me when I was with my girlfriend in Budapest on a gigantic screen and we were watching Greece vs Nigera for the World Cup. We were the only greeks and no one understood why I was shouting in favor of Greece (they were drinking beer waiting for the match after Greece vs Nigeria which was more interesting). This time though I’m not in Budapest (eventhough I wish I was)

A sad day for the portugese people

Today is a sad day for Portugese people. I highly respect all the effort they did during the last year in order to avoid being IMFucked (from IMF).

Now they join Greece (and Ireland but there it’s different story anyway) to the sad path of neverending austerity measures which just hurt the real economy and make sure the banks and the capitalists never lose money and even gain more and more! (communism for the rich)

Until all the people gain when the elite gains, I don’t see why the people should be sacrified once again to save the elite that is to blame for this and every crisis