Gmail Priority Inbox sucks; Bring back Google Wave

Priority Inbox for me is the only “beta” thing in gmail that I commit to NEVER USING from the beginning.

Not only because it’s idiotic to prioritize some mails than others (all mails are equal [unless they’re spam]) but because for me this mark an era for Google that they start to ship stuff that are not cool and target the idiots (that can’t do a filter in GMail)

As a Google fan, I’ve always liked their geekeness (and the fact that they combine it with great UI).

I’ve read the Google Wave Future entry in their official blog, and it seems to me as if the devs didn’t like the idea of Wave dying. I don’t like it either as customer. That’s why I’ve already found an alternative called ShareFlow (inferior though)

I bet Google canceled Wave cause they couldn’t put ads in or doesn’t fit the Android/Chrome OS mania.

Check out HN


4 thoughts on “Gmail Priority Inbox sucks; Bring back Google Wave

  1. All mails are equal unless they are spam? You’re either not a heavy mail user or you like painstakingly configuring filters for emails and senders from which you may not even receive more than one message. An automatic level of mail heuristics is good to have.

  2. I don’t quite get you. you obviously have never signed up to a mailing list in your life, or received an email that’s urgent or more important than another.
    Example: My friend Bill wants to use my server and pay me a bit of cash per month: unimportant.
    However, a client called Jim contacts me about some graphic design work due the end of the week that he’s paying me lots for: important.

    If I open my inbox to 10+ emails a day (which I do), then answering the unimportant ones may take longer than the important ones i.e. I want to send Jim initial designs before I spend hours writing an email to Bill about how to link his domain name to my servers.

    And about filters: they won’t work in this example as Bill may well send me an important email from time to time which I don’t want to be filtered out.

    Might want to get your facts straight and give the thing a go before you start ripping it to shreds!

    However, I appreciate it’s your opinion. YMMV when you use it.

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