Month: August 2010

Gmail zero unread mail (a success story)

For me this is peace in the mind.

I would never forgive a IT guy that doesn’t have his inbox under control

Inception (2010)

Nolan should have tried to avoid Blockbuster (for once). Or maybe the movie could have been 1,5 hour. Avatar has its blockbuster segment in the end (10 minutes) when the bad guy can’t die.

In Inception as soon as we land in the ice area (and we hear the inside joke “couldn’t he dream of a better place?”) we understand it’s time to go home [if we’re Europeans] and let the McDonald generation kill each other.

The movie is 2,5 hours and I’m sure I’ve heard loud music ALL THE TIME. That is also VERY VERY frustrating. US filmmakers should kill the violins and the drums and let the silence or the acting speak.

Only in the end we can see some trick “is he still dreaming or not” but that’s not enough.

For DiCaprio it’s time to play another role (it was already obvious after Shutter Island) for Nolan next time get the money and do one movie every 10 years