If World was to vote, Obama would get more than 90%

That means if he loses, maybe we can lose hope for sure..

and a special DEDICATION:


9 thoughts on “If World was to vote, Obama would get more than 90%

  1. Since the “World” is very much not concerned about what is in America’s best interests, 90% of the non-Americans wanting Obama to be POTUS is not an endorsement that benefits the man.

  2. No you are wrong:
    If I was American I would care so much what the world thinks about me (because I’m a superpower and I want to be loved and liked even having the rest beeing jealous of me BUT not just hated as is the case with GW Bush)

  3. The “World” will only like the US if we give up our sovereignty and act as the world’s strong arm – but only when we’re told to by the EU or th UN. Sorry, that’s too high a price to pay for “companionship.”

    Yeah, most people don’t like Bush, but that’s largely because he scared them. He told the UN and EU that they didn’t matter to American policies and that scared the crap out of people, especially with no USSR to counter the US. OK, it scared the crap out of a lot of Americans too, myself included.

    US leaders need to serve US interests, not the “World’s” interests. Hopefully, they’ll make choices that cause as little negative impact to other countries as is feasible, but in the end they should put America first.

    I believe the “World” wants Obama because they believe that won’t put America first. They believe that the other countries will be able to dictate American policy if he is elected.

  4. Because Bush was an idiot and Obama is not. Clinton was also liked in the world and he was POTUS not POTW.

    They believe that the other countries will be able to dictate American policy if he is elected.

    Only idiots can think that way. Afterall Obama doesn’t want dictation

  5. A common emotional response, but not one with a lot of substance. I’m not really trying to pick a fight, but I’m curious about why you think the world prefers Obama. He’s not an idiot and W was doesn’t really answer that question.

  6. The fact that Bush is an idiot looks bad to the rest of the world. They see Bush and think not only he is POTS (ok superpower) but he so fucking idiot that the are others that actually decide behind-doors for him. Think Big Corporations. The fact that you don’t understand this, maybe means either you don’t want to understand or you don’t have enough facts. Try Colbert or Stewart or watch a documentary on Bush

  7. Those who know McCain best……..

    Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal carried a page-one story by Yaroslav Trofimov reporting the unlikeliest endorsement of this campaign season:

    [T]he jailers who once tortured Sen. McCain are lining up to offer effusive — if somewhat embarrassing — endorsements for his presidential candidacy.

    “If I had a vote in the U.S., I would choose McCain,” beams retired Col. Tran Trong Duyet, the [Hanoi Hilton prison] camp’s former commander. “I want him in the White House.”

    Col. Duyet’s sentiment is not an eccentricity:

    This unlikely sentiment is widely shared in this fast-growing country of 85 million. “The majority of the people in Vietnam know Sen. McCain and feel comfortable about him,” says Duong Trung Quoc, a member of Vietnam’s National Assembly and secretary-general of the Association of Vietnamese Historians. “Nobody here knows about Obama.”

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