At last an article[!!] in TechCrunch

It’s been a long time since I’ve read an article with opinion on something expressed nicely and in a well written form. Yet again Michael seems to think that blogs should be “the first to cover” yeah with one thousAnt tons of erors and copy paste of pres relaeses.

Anyways, this entry about Gears (the Google one) should not come as a surprise that it’s not written by Michael or other member of TechCrunch but from an outsider that also took the time to respond to comments and add more info (where as most of the times Michael Arrignton will just write three words just to continue feeling a blogger). Also blogger means not being ignorant about a lot of things (issue one for me is how and what happens in the rest of world, especially not blaming EU and moaning all the time about how bureaucratic and all that crap it is). Michael better consider flaming Bush about Guantanamo Bay


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