Month: April 2008

Why Linux won’t ever be ready for Desktop

I really enjoyed this post. It seems I was reading myself.

The problem is that there aren’t so many people thinking like that in the FLOSS community. And that will NEVER change. That is why MS will always be relevant and that is why nobody (as in someone who is not geek) uses Google Docs.

Launchy rocks for having Vista’s search box functionality in XP

The only thing I really miss now that I’m back to XP from Vista (I consider myself a hero that I’ve lasted for 1,5 year) is Vista’s search box in the start menu. I found something even better, and it’s open source too; Launchy. The site is great and minimalistic, as is the rest of the app. Grab the installer, and when you’re done press alt+space and write whatever comes to you mind and it will find it and execute it.