I may not agree with Ron Paul in many things

But this indeed is true:

Paul and some others have completely understood why US got attacked. Whereas Giuliani hasn’t. Good thing Giuliani lost early

PS. a small talk in comments too


6 thoughts on “I may not agree with Ron Paul in many things

  1. It’s not isolationism… it is simply not believing America has the answer for every countries’ domestic problems.

    We should not be the police officer of the world… our government can barely stay solvent, how dare we tell other nations what is right or wrong?

    How can we tell other countries to obey laws, when we so blatantly ignore our own constitution?


  2. Yes right. I know and agree with this. The problem is that every superpower tends to do that so it may be historically proven (not sure) that US can’t do any better that to interfere to the world. Of course this is not an excuse and Bush turned the US democracy to _______________.

    Athenian Democracy had done some crazy stuff. Also at that time there were “mind our own business” people and others that weren’t. Both were right sometimes but not all right at all cases.

    And Bush IS WRONG and luckily thanks to election it’s time he and his party do some time off.

    Ron Paul has great ideas, but some are too idealistic and I don’t believe to the absolute truth nor should anybody believe he has seen the truth light on everything. Anyways Paul is interesting and you have a good site. Congrats.

  3. “How would we feel if China did this to Mexico?” Ron Paul has sense and he’s not an arrogant imperialistic prick. He knows what hybris means. Most Americans don’t, though, and they’ll have to learn it the hard way, like all “elect peoples” in human history.

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