Web and Mass wisdom is sh*t


find me ONE such case in (free) Yahoo Answers.

PS. I can’t take it anymore with the hype from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gmP4nk0EOE and the rest of the guys who see revolution in the web and all this crap.

PS2. The only single exception to this mess is Wikipedia (and again I find article on Prison Break more complete than Math Articles). [Why not edit the page you say? I’ve done so in the past. I can’t anymore, guess what: I have a life]


2 thoughts on “Web and Mass wisdom is sh*t

  1. Hi Nikos,

    Thanks for your comments! I’m one of the Uclue Researchers. We’re glad you found Uclue.

    We believe that the “Paid Research” model doesn’t just deliver better answers than the free model; it also attracts better questions.

    And of course none of it would be possible without skilled and dedicated researchers, such as Scriptor who researched the historic photo in the question that you linked to.

    Roger Browne
    “eiffel” at uclue.com

  2. Thanks. Yes you point out nicely also about the quality of the questions (I think though this has to do with the whole better admin thing that you guys must do [as opposed to just remove porn and spam questions or whatever YA does]

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