Oh boy…

me: who is it?
rkyadav22: RADHA KRISHAN & U
me: u added me
Gajim related?
rkyadav22: FOR CHATING….
me: on what?
rkyadav22: ANYTHING
me: why chose me?
rkyadav22: ONLY FOR CHATING….
U R FROM…………?
me: HOW did you find me?
rkyadav22: google search….
me: what did you search?
why u picked me?
rkyadav22: for chating friend……..
Sent at 2:19 PM on Saturday
rkyadav22: hello…….
r u from…..
me: sorry can’t do that for you
rkyadav22: but why….?
me: if you want chatting friend goes to irc or a room with others wanting chatting
u can’t just add people u don’t know
have fun


2 thoughts on “Oh boy…

  1. Why not. I usually do that as well. When I see someone posting their Jabber acc and asking people to add them to their list, I do not see any problem. I do that on my identi.ca microbloging site and ask people to add me just for a quick chat, n p. Don’t you think.

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