Month: September 2007

Cyprus says YES to OOXML (lol..)

There is a site called

From there I learned the Cyprus said YES to OOXML.
What can I say? I was expecting more from Cyprus. It turns out Cyprus is approaching 3rd world again… (well it turns out Cyprus should care for many more things than to solve the cyprus problem [can’t be solved anyways])

The guy who found out about it conludes:

Now, I don’t want to sound accusatory, because the person I spoke to was very helpful, but given that most countries convened entire technical committees to evaluate the standard for months, it seems a little amiss that we would simply default to a Yes because several small-fry Microsoft-aligned companies said “We think it’s a good idea”.

More here

Oh boy…

me: who is it?
rkyadav22: RADHA KRISHAN & U
me: u added me
Gajim related?
rkyadav22: FOR CHATING….
me: on what?
rkyadav22: ANYTHING
me: why chose me?
rkyadav22: ONLY FOR CHATING….
U R FROM…………?
me: HOW did you find me?
rkyadav22: google search….
me: what did you search?
why u picked me?
rkyadav22: for chating friend……..
Sent at 2:19 PM on Saturday
rkyadav22: hello…….
r u from…..
me: sorry can’t do that for you
rkyadav22: but why….?
me: if you want chatting friend goes to irc or a room with others wanting chatting
u can’t just add people u don’t know
have fun