Month: February 2007

Stephen Frears’ The Queen

So I’ve watched that movie. Apart from the fact that Blair ended up being a war criminal (thanks to his illegal war to Iraq) I could like this guy in the early years of his government.

Perhaps the only movie that made me understand why most people in UK like kings and queens and why Blair is in power for so long. I really like his Juventus shirt, but as an antidote I’m now listening “God save the queen” by Sex Pistols. Spare me a chord please..

9 hours of Napoleon

6 hours in Napoleon and 2 hours in Waterloo (2nd time I watch this) plus one hour talking about the man that Bonaparte was.

My head is filled with Merde! that the soldier shouted, and with Vive La France and with the thousands of men that died only to please his ego.

I always liked the French better than the English, they were more of my style, so I confess I found the hatred of everything english in Napoleon quite amusing. Please note though that Bonaparte wanted to finish his life in Britain! So everything is relative. Please also note that my favorite food is French Fries and I cannot imagine myself calling those fries of freedom. Please also note that both movies were in English! 🙂

Barnes & Noble’s PayPal way of paying is for US only!!

I was gonna buy a book from via PayPal. They ship international (and that’s good). BUT they don’t support Paypal non-US accounts.

They also HIDE this fact until I have to lose a lot of time to complete all the info and get this from PayPal that they redirect me.

I’m not satisfied as a customer by this at all by any means as again I’m seen as second class citizen (a non-US one). Long live EU