Month: September 2006

Google Calendar super bug, never gets fixed

One for the last six months reads in

My Daily Agenda email says I’ve got nothing planned. Why?

Your Daily Agenda email only includes events from your primary calendar. Events on your secondary calendars aren’t included at this time. But stay tuned…we plan to include events from all your calendars soon.

I guess by stay tuned they mean “will be fixed this decade”.

In the what’s new area, they expand without fixing this bug which makes the whole google calendar support for many calendars look useless to say the least.

Yeah, yeah, they call it BETA, but in this case this is ALPHA.

ps. this question wasn’t there when I discovered the bug. It was later added. I’m not a Google Calendar dev, but maybe it’s faster to fix it than reply about it, I mean wtf, can’t you just check in yet another table in your whatever SQL like thingy you use? Damn you Google, you remind me of MSFT.

ps2. everything under the sun is in tune, but the sun is eclpised by the moon

update (15 Oct 2006): They now say more blabla instead of fixing it!