Month: July 2006 Sunday Eve Column (aka. Editorial) is a parody that is one of a kind!

Don’t get me wrong, I think Thom is good enough for a site such as OSNews, but writing an editiorial means more than just saying your opinion you can easily express between your friends. And in this case, Thom is doing that but publicly and with his latest editorial “On Politics, GNOME, and Mono” he goes too far even from the introduction and makes me think that the percentage of the tech people that know how to comment on anything else than tech is super super low. So low in fact, that he better stop talking about anything else than tech.

In his intro he states:

Politicians. They are a certain type of people. I do not like them. Many do not like them. I think if there’s one thing all of man has in common, whether he be Christian or Muslim, black or white, young or old, American or European, is a dislike of politicians. But then– why on earth do we allow politics to complicate software? Note: Sunday Eve Column.”

My Note (to Thom): Stick to short commenting on links you think they are useful. Keep those super common ideas for your friends and family and stop holding yourself up to redicule by writing such idiotic introductions about the common hatred about politicians. Not because I’m a politician, but because you are wrong. The most common thing is need for survival perhaps? Watch Israel vs Lebanon and G E T  a  L I F E before you can comment on life.

/me stops OSNEWS for 2 weeks as a start.
/me also wonders why Eugenia left OSNews