Ubuntu vs Windows on Screen Resolution Change


System -> Preferences -> Screen Resolution

Change the resolution, hit the happy button called Apply.

What do you see? In the latest release of Ubuntu, I see GDM asking me to login..  None the less I login, to see my old resolution is still being used.

Windows do it better. At least since the buggy ages of Windows 95 this used to work.

On the happy note, while installing Ubuntu, I could surf to meebo and chat with my friends.

On the 'getting work done' note, I remove Ubuntu, 5 minutes after I 've installed it. Fedora lasted for 2 weeks. It seems Archlinux which I had  for almost 2 years is the right choice for me after all. And because arch64 is buggy, I'm gonna go with the i686.

At least I get the working flash-plugin (from Adobe) when I'm in i686 so I don't have to restart to Windows just to watch a flash video, or surf a flash-allover website.


2 thoughts on “Ubuntu vs Windows on Screen Resolution Change

  1. Όλα είναι θέμα συνήθειας, μάλλον εχεις μάθε στο archLinux και τώρα στο Ubuntu λίγο ….
    Και εγώ είχα συνηθίσει με SuSE αλλά πήγα σε Ubuntu και επίσης με ψιλοζορίζει

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