Month: June 2006

Christina Amanpour on Colbert Report (and comments on Colbert Report of last week)

Stephen Colbert didn't have his best interview day with Amanpour. It's ok he gave us a great moto in the beginning of his show.

"Tonight Amanpour is here, and we'll talk about International Stuff. And because she's a woman, I'll pretend that I care"

Now, Amanpour was better than I expected. Laughed (as most do) about Colbert taking power & energy from the audience just before the interview, and continued to say (after Colbert said "tell me about IRAN (Ai Ran):

"Did you really?" [run]
Colbert went to say "I'm sorry?"

She replied: "Did you run? I believe you want to say Iran (eran), and Iraq (eraq) as well"
Colbert:Sorry I still don't get it etc..

Colbert also reminded us about the days since the american hostages crisis in Iran (that according to Stephen never ended) etc. Great show, not so good an interview though.

The best interview was with the guy saing good stuff about Video games. He got nailed by being shot in a First Person Shooter.

Also Stephen, Word Cup is 4 weeks, not 3 as you said. Of course it's okay, because as you explained noone in US should watch it because "it's the only sport that the women's team is better than men's team" (speaking about USA of course). hehehe ;^

Great stuff about your jew friend (Jon) and all that 8 min stuff about seeking your new friend. I even paused to read the full emails you apparently got, they were funny :^

Yann Tiersen Sucked big time

Yesterday I went to see him in Lycabetus, Athens where he with others were supposed to be playing. He was marketed, as "Yann Tiersen, the Amelie Soundtrack composer".

Now, don't get me wrong, but I'm sure he knows about it. I honor and understand every composer's or songwriter's  right to extremely avoid playing the music he's well known for, in the same way as in the CD. In other words, "just buy the CD" is enough for me.

BUT, he went too far (at least for my ears), because: 

a. the music he played, apart from 15 minutes in TOTAL TIME, didn't contain any melody or melodic lines. Of course it wasn't heavy metal, but the sound reminded me of a combination of a bad Madrugada song with the worst song by Raining Pleasure or whatever.  The fact that he likes to play the violin doesn't mean I have to watch him play one fucking note for a whole minute, having a background with a lot of "bass noise".

b. he didn't play at all the music that made him rich and known. Now don't get me wrong again, but hey that's FUCKING IDIOTIC. He just touched some melodic lines of Amelie for about 1,5 minute, but still I play the score in my piano, and even I was getting lost. If he wanted, he could have completely changed the  instrumentation or keep it the same, and change a bit the melodic lines. He did nothing of those.

All in all, was a bad combination of mostly average music. That came a bit of shock to me, because of his minimalistic nature. I really hope we get to see Steve Reich in Athens (and not again Glass  [he came in 2004, now comes in 2006 again!]) before he's too old to travel.

Now to overcome that Tiersen concert,  I'm gonna watch again the minimalistic videoopera: Steve Reich & Beryl Korot – Thee Tales

I'll do that because I saw the same smiling robot in the upcoming "future talk" in CNN International.


Ubuntu vs Windows on Screen Resolution Change


System -> Preferences -> Screen Resolution

Change the resolution, hit the happy button called Apply.

What do you see? In the latest release of Ubuntu, I see GDM asking me to login..  None the less I login, to see my old resolution is still being used.

Windows do it better. At least since the buggy ages of Windows 95 this used to work.

On the happy note, while installing Ubuntu, I could surf to meebo and chat with my friends.

On the 'getting work done' note, I remove Ubuntu, 5 minutes after I 've installed it. Fedora lasted for 2 weeks. It seems Archlinux which I had  for almost 2 years is the right choice for me after all. And because arch64 is buggy, I'm gonna go with the i686.

At least I get the working flash-plugin (from Adobe) when I'm in i686 so I don't have to restart to Windows just to watch a flash video, or surf a flash-allover website.

Ekiga stuff that are taking too long

Ekiga is great, and SIP address is also great. What I really miss is an official windows build. It just takes too long, when the stuff I found via Google where working fine about 2 months ago. Also there is no such word as 'informations' in english. I understand that many french do this mistake (also others) but I do not like seeing it in website at all. It looks just bad imHHHHo.

Of course the fact that it does SIP great remains. I was able to use VOIPBuster service using Ekiga/Sip and it was an overwhelming experience and a very easy one.

Mistakes in Paul Graham’s “Why Startups Condense in America” (as seen by a young european citizen, aka me)

I sent this to Paul Graham, just because I couldn't easily skip the fact that places in his latest essay were false and that they were false because of failure of understanding the concept. (because else, if just false or mistakes, I don't care I just skip):

What I sent goes like this (I improved/edit some minor bits after reading and reading, but the meaning is the same):

The long war of philosophies about jobs and employment between US and EU cannot be solved or even argued to a good extend in 2liners, but you fail to point out that (perhaps because 1990 in Italy EU was like the old EU (after all it even changed a name and became a political union some years later)) that:

a. EU has programs that act something like VC firms. (or even better). f you apply and you're lucky and persuasive and/or have an original idea, chances are you get funds from EU that you don't have to return at least AFAIK) and that helps a lot. Of course more VC Firms in EU are more than welcome.

b. Research means "want to learn more" after all THAT is the basic thing that keeps smart people hungry for new knowledge, and thus PhD argument you make is totally mistaken. (no need to say more)

c. Germany and France won't speak their native lang only in their homes or by future idiots like Leppen, simply because both countries (as well as most of the rest of countries in EU) have LONG HISTORY behind them. You fail to understand the importance of that in the "genes" of the human. 9/11 was a relief for some in EU because many here said "at last". You there were doing like Iraqis are doing now thanks to you (not personally you). You were under attack. Your "stupid" ideas about american dream, freedom or whatever. This proves that stuff that you share with rest of people from the same country make people act different. France for example didn't like that poor africans in Paris were burning the streets and swearing in FRENCH. Laden's followers in UK bombing, spoke fluent British! That shocked the british people more than anything and doesn't want more analyzing /me thinks.

d. EU is accepted in many countries, just because it guarantees that everyone gets to keep his identity. EU is alternative model to US. If it 'll succeed noone can say. I don't disagree that english is the current earthian (as it was french in europe some decades ago, as it greek two thousand years ago), but trying to saying EU will end up US (or that it should or else will fail) is a bit naive and it's the most common mistake (not really) that "i-like-america" think tanks/analysts that even are EU citizens often do.

I guess I should stop here, as it's getting big. You can imagine the rest. The only american modern capitalist that I've read and has got right what EU is about, is Jack Welch of GE fame. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and please hit F7 in the last article, and good luck and *have fun* with your VC Firm and rest of activities.

Yann Tiersen in Greece (saloniki, athens) but overpriced

Yann Tiersen, a composer which I really enjoy playing his piano solo pieces (they are a lot) in my piano is visiting Greece this summer. In Athens I have to pay 35€ to see him and his band in action. Eventhough I strongly admire him, I'll skip because that price is too high in my opinion. With the same money I can listen to his music, or go buy 1,5 scroes album of modern piano, or about 4 of classical composing.

I saw Philip Glass with less money in 2004! So… 

If it was 25 (max at 30) I would go though. Thanks for coming, next time make sure your prices are better.