Remove Install Missing Plugins top yelow bar in Firefox

first try this way

No flash for me, but I cannot stand firefox bugging me about it.

rm path_from_locate

restart firefox

everytime you upgrade, it's more likely you need to rm this file again. In other words, I wish there was a about:config option to ignore this nullplugin


21 thoughts on “Remove Install Missing Plugins top yelow bar in Firefox

  1. As of Firefox, in about:config you have the option “plugin.default_plugin_disabled” which is by default set to true. If you change it to false, no more nagging plugin warnings! :o)

  2. The OP wrote:
    > locate
    > su
    > rm path_from_locate

    Well, that’s a little too cryptic for me. What, please, is “su”? (I assume that “rm” is cryptic for remove.

    Are you a UNIX user?

  3. hello, i need help quickly… the same problem! i need to install missing plugins (java) and when i try to do it, its not possible. then i try manually and nothing,again. i’m going out of my mind help

  4. slackadocious, you are an ID10T.

    Your all-lower-case “gtfo” attitude is exactly why your beloved Unix clone will NEVER be accepted by the people who pay real money for “computer stuff”.

    I, for one, am a professional, which means I get paid for my work, which means I work on that for which my customers will pay. ID10Ts like you keep me from working on x-nix systems because most of the people with money do exactly what you recommend: they “gtfo” & just accept the Windows as pre-installed.

    Please stuff your stupid, counterproductive BS attitude someplace dark, so the rest of us can take the world somewhere interesting.

    BTW, did anyone else notice how little useful information was presented in this thread, compared to the avalanche of “I’m having the same problem but no one seems willing to help” posts? That’s a symptom, Beavis.

    Growing up is amazing! You should try it sometime if you get the chance!

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