How Adobe looks at Linux

I just read that Linux will get flash version 9 plugin and player in 2007. That is 2 years after Windows. By then I bet Windows will have version 10.

Moreover, the Product Manager for Flash Player at Adobe made the mistake to point to the linux developer of flash player. and I quote his blog entry (which is the least lame, and at best shows how well he gets Linux).

Sometimes, I may even solicit input from visitors about how to proceed on various issues, such as recommendations for preferred Linux APIs (think ALSA vs. OSS vs. ESD) and distribution methods. (emphasis added by me)

OSS, ESD? Yeah, 1998.

Distribution methods? Yeah use NSIS on Linux.

And of course no words about other archs (especially x86_64). OK I'm fairly happy about gnash (I bet I will be even more by 2007), and gnash works in all archs used, as well as in *BSDs too. Since Adobe doesn't sell flash plugin and player but makes money from the authoring tools one would think that it makes huge sense to make flash playing capabilities a commodity, and then profit from this 100% user penetration.

Of course all those are thin letters (as we say in my country, Greece) to Adobe guys in charge. And as a result all those websites that feature flash and flash video (FLV) lose me and others (who are native amd64). So be it.


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