Day: May 18, 2006

Backing up MSWord stuff

OK. I've mastered Outlook data files in a long time now. But as I recalled from the last time I had to do backup, "Save my settings wizard" is piece of SHIT. Even MVPs agree! About MS Word backing up (as in really backups) I found this page which rocks

I haven't had the chance to backup (as in real backup) stuff so I cannot compare it. But to say that in Windows everything "just works" and "is easy" seems like a pale idea to me at the moment. In other words, Microsoft Office "is not ready for the desktop". Get the facts

Another good page on backing up Office stuff is this one. I really wonder how admins do the whole job. I've lost many time and still I'm not sure that I won't miss something important.

I wanted to see if I could trust Save my settings wizard. It turns out you can trust it, but no matter what I did Outlook would not start as it couldn't find the PST for personal folder. Not even with holding down CTRL and selecting Safe Mode.

The solution was to Control Panel -> Mail and delete the profile there and make a new one (at least now Outlook starts, so I can import from the wizard the PST file)


MSFT giving me hard times, favorating NTFS over FAT32

Windows won't do larger than 32GB fat32 anymore!! It seems the only way to do a FAT32 without a Linux LiveCD is via Acronis Disk Director Server program.

I bet they just forgot to mention those new features in the great experience heading.

UPDATE: I don't know how but I suddenly thought, of CMD (after reading that SETUP wouldn't do it). I created the partitions without formatting them and assigned driver letters to each raw partition. So I did format H: /FS:FAT32 /Q and in the end saw it wasn't supported! LOL LOL LOL. Then I found out about this GPL tool, which did the job in less than 2 seconds.