Mike Figgis’ One Night Stand

One Night Stand is not as good as other masterpieces of Mike Figgis, such as Internal Affairs or Leaving Las Vegas, but it's still a pleasure to see his work and listen to his music.

Also it features Wesley Snipes in a "serious" role that I wish I could see more often from him and as hot chick Nastassja Kinski. Many great moments in that movie, and a somehow not usual scene where we see Wesley Snipes' character fucking with his wife and in the whole scence we see her giving him direction (with codes) on how to continue so she can come. CUT happens when she comes screaming. This must be the only holywood movie that has such a scene (usually we see the opposite, without directions as men mostly don't need many moves to come (or at least it's what women think.. cause orgasm from orgasm clearly differs).

Watch it


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