Day: May 15, 2006

“Is our children learning?”

Last week on Daily Show, Robin Williams appeared with a T-shirt of "the decider". He also said that Bush at one time wondered: "Is our children learning?" and continued: "whatever you take, give also to us" (or sth like it). I found this goof on this video

Another one I propose is this one to all those people who sometimes compare USA with other countries they just hate. Because face it, USA is also a country for admiration.

Of course the best of the best is Stephen Colbert speech in front of Bush about Bushism (which I recommended on my old blog too) because it contains the best short phrases of a political analysis ever done such as (and I say them by heart):

"Reality has a well known liberal bias" and "I have news for you. Press is killing America" (to name a few..)

I dedicate this post to Travis